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Tucson, AZ

Copy of Public “GENERAL RESUME” (required) for:
Expert Witness status United States Federal Court.

Quentin Bryson is a long time Arizona licensed real estate broker, developer, consultant, appraiser, and civic leader. He is President, owner, and Az State Corporate designated broker for Quentin Bryson Company. Currently working on his own account and with partners and Corporate organizations, financial institutions, various Trusts, and private investors in selected real estate areas.
His primary area of concentration is Southwest U.S., with emphasis on Arizona.

He received his Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Arizona with majors
In both real estate and finance. He is a current licensed Real Estate Broker by the State.

He was elected and served as President of the Tucson Board of Realtors.
He was selected the Tucson Realtor of the Year.
He served as Chairmen of both their Ethics Board and Education Committee.
He also served as a member of the Board of Directors of the Az Association of Realtors.

Tucson’s Mayor and City Council twice confirmed him to serve two separate four-year terms
on the “City of Tucson’s Planning Commission.”
He was elected and served two terms as “Chairman” of the City Planning Commission.
Tucson’s currently in effect 10 year long range plan, “Plan Tucson” covering the City’s
“Goals, Policies and Growth Scenarios” was initiated and passed during his tenure.

He was nominated by two Arizona governors (Gov. Bruce Babbitt and Gov. Raul H. Castro) and confirmed twice by the Arizona State Senate to serve consecutive terms totaling thirteen years, as Chairman and Board member of the “Arizona Health Facilities Authority Board.”
During his tenure this Statewide Bonding Authority approved, issued and sold over
one billion dollars of Arizona State Tax exempt bonds for construction of medical and real estate facilities throughout Arizona.

Mr. Bryson has qualified and been an approved “Private Contractor” by the United States Resolution Trust Corporation (RTC) and is qualified to contract with the Federal Government for numerous real estate specialty areas including: Shopping centers, retail, office buildings, industrial property, urban and rural land, real estate development, planning and valuations.

He was invited to membership in the American Society of Real Estate Counselors and was awarded the prestigious C.R.E. designation (Counsellor of Real Estate) by the National Association of Realtors.
He has qualified under the State of Az and Federal requirements and obtained the
“Arizona State Certified General Real Estate Appraiser’s Certification” (unlimited),
and has held the GAA designation (General Accredited Appraiser).

Mr. Bryson has qualified and testified as an Expert Witness for many complex cases in both Superior Court and United States Federal Court covering most areas of real estate and development.
He is also a qualified “Az State Registered Real Property Tax Agent” authorized to testify in State property valuation cases before the AZ State Board of Appeals and Equalization.

He was selected by the American Arbitration Association as a “Commercial Arbitrator” and has been selected and served as an Arbitrator for various real estate and non- real estate matters.


Page 2. Quentin Bryson…”GENERAL RESUME” (public).

Mr. Bryson has served as a consultant to many public and proprietary organizations.
He was also an instructor, faculty member and guest lecturer on subjects of Real Estate, Investments and Development for many groups including: *University of Arizona-College of business administration. *United States Savings and Loan league. *Department of Business Management, Pima College. *Department of Business, Cochise College and the
*Graduate School program of the Realtor’s Institute.
He has also served on various faculties as an instructor for all of the State of Arizona’s
State licensing qualification and education requirements.

For Pima College he served as Chairman of their Real Estate Advisory Committee, a
member of their Business and Management Advisory Committee and as an Adjunct Professor.

Mr. Bryson is past President of the Institute of Financial Education and has held membership in The International Association of Financial Planners.
He was a charter member of the University of Arizona Alumni Council.

Early on in his career he was selected by “America Sales Masters” as one of the top
commercial real estate agent in America, and was the Tucson Multiple Listing Systems
City wide Top Volume producer. He was co-owner and President of Sunrise Design and Building Corporation-an Arizona construction and development firm.

He belongs to and served on numerous local, State and National organizations.
He was President of the Boys Club of Tucson and member of their Board. He was the real estate member for the Downtown Rotary Club and the commercial real estate member of the Tucson Executive Association. He served as the President of the Exchange Club of Tucson and Governor for Arizona and New Mexico. Mr. Bryson has belonged to the International Platform Association, United States Navy league, National Pilots Association, University of Arizona Lettermen’s Association (football), Professional Associations of Diving Instructors, Skyline Country Club, the Plaza Club, and the Old Pueblo Club.

He has been listed in:

Who’s Who in the West.
Who’s Who in Real Estate.
Who’s Who in American Industry and Finance.
Who’s Who in the World.

Mr. Bryson is currently only accepting limited complex Consulting Assignments,
and selected cases for Expert Witness testimony in United States Federal Court.

Quentin Bryson
P.O. 13424. Tucson, AZ, 85732